Charlie Sheen Has Nothing on These 11 Hotel Trashers

trashing hotel roomCharlie Sheen ended up creating about $7,000 worth of damages in his Plaza hotel room after his little "allergic reaction." Unfortunately, he is certainly not the first, nor the last, celebrity to trash a hotel room. Whether they're high, drunk, crazy, or a mixture of all of the above, celebrities have a tendency to use their five-star rooms as punching bags.

Here are the 11 of the craziest celebrity trashers the hotel industry has ever seen:


Courtney Love: This shouldn't come as a shocker. The troubled rock star made headlines last year at the immature age of 44 for flooding a New York hotel room and leaving it trashed with dirty needles and used feminine hygiene products. You'd really think she would have settled down by now.

Amy Winehouse: Hotels be warned if crazy Amy (aka Courtney Love in training) orders room service. She once hurled a plate of spaghetti Bolognese at the wall of her Munich, Germany hotel room. Before that, she racked up $18,000 worth of damage at London's Sanderson Hotel after a fight with her former husband. They had to get an outside firm to come clean blood off the walls. Yikes!

Amy Winehouse

Keith Moon: The Who's drummer was a hotel manager's nightmare. He began his 21st birthday back in 1967 with a bang -- literally. He blew up the hotel's toilets with dynamite. Following the explosion, he hurled a five-tier cake, prompting a food fight in his hotel room, and partiers set off the fire extinguishers down the hall. By the time the police arrived, Moon was in his underwear, in which he jumped into his car and drove through a fence and into the hotel pool.

Billy Idol: Toward the end of his glory days, Billy Idol wanted one last hurrah and took a tour of destruction through Thailand. Three weeks and $250,000 worth of hotel damages later, the government had had enough and sicced the national army on his ass.

Aerosmith: This band was professional trashers, actually travelling with props so they could properly get the trashing job done -- chainsaws for furniture and extension cords for throwing TVs out the window.


Led Zeppelin: They would literally rent floors in hotels just so they could have a full playground for destruction. Their most famous shenanigan included John Bonham, tour manager Richard Cole, a pair of motorcycles, and a flair for indoor racing.

Edie Sedgwick: The "IT" girl in the '60s, Edie was the muse for both Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan. But she was also afraid of the dark. To combat her fears, she'd fall asleep surrounded by lit candles and, after causing an apartment fire, she temporarily moved into Hotel Chelsea in NYC. She obviously didn't learn her lesson, because the very same thing happened. None of the hotel's guests were hurt, but sadly her cat (who was ironically named Smoke) was killed in the fire.

Johnny Depp: Don't let that pirate charm fool you, this hottie has a reputation for destroying hotel rooms. The weirdest incident was back in 1994 with then-girlfriend Kate Moss. Neighbors in the New York Mark hotel overheard the couple having a very loud argument over the size (or lack thereof) of his manhood (say it isn't so!) along with shattered glass and furniture. When the cops arrived the two were sitting in a pile of debris and what did Depp blame the destruction on? An armadillo.

Johnny Depp

Marilyn Manson: In 1998, the scary rocker set his hotel room carpets on fire in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Rolling Stones: If you ever wondered where the whole "hurling the TV out the window" thing started, it began at what is now The Hyatt West Hollywood in L.A. (formerly known as the Continental Hyatt House, aka Continental Riot House). In 1972, Keith Richards flung a TV out of the 10-story window, which received so much publicity that it created a damaging trend. Now, you're not a true rocker until you've thrown a television set out of a hotel room.

Britney Spears: Actually, it's not the pop princess herself, it's her two heathen children Sean Preston and Jayden James. They've already launched themselves into rock star status by completely destroying a hotel room last year. They demolished the curtains and drew all over the tables and walls with crayons. Tame those sons, Brit!

What's the craziest hotel trashing story that you've heard? Think it's okay for these celebs to trash the rooms as long as they pay for it?


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