'DWTS' Results Show Recap: Someone Could Make a Killing in Vegas

The results show for the sixth episode of Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars proved that I have absolutely no powers of prediction and should definitely not try my luck in Vegas.

In other words, Kurt Warner is still safe.

Not that I'm complaining. He did a great job and the judges were way too hard on him. But still, it was a twist ending.

**Spoiler alert**

This season has been so difficult to predict, starting with David Hasselhoff going home the first night and now it was shocking to see Audrina Patridge go home.

As Len said, "This is ludicrous ... There is no justice."



She wasn't the world's most passionate or aggressive person, but she had great technique and she's stunning to gaze upon.

OK, so as my husband says, "She has no personality" and I will admit that she represents all my fears about my daughter growing up to be a beautiful shell, all smiles and sunshine and no spice or passion.

Still, I maintain that her dancing was good and she had potential. Kyle Massey, on the other hand (who?) ... come on now.

How is Kyle Massey still in this competition? How? Can someone please explain why this person maintains week after week when it's fairly certain that no one except his parents has even heard of him?

Watching Kylie Minogue perform was fun and the dance number set to "School's Out" was hilarious (and watching Alice Cooper degrade himself on a "family" show was depressing and weird), but the highlight of the night -- like all the results show so far this season -- was the twist.

Consider this: It was almost Jennifer Grey. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. If she goes home, I officially suck.

Oracle Octopus Paul, on the other hand, may be right after all.

What did you think of Audrina going home?


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