Rock Stars on Halloween: 5 Who Gave Concerts in Costumes (Videos)

Lady Gaga

It's Always Halloween for Gaga

Is this a new trend, or is it just that in the age of YouTube, these things become public knowledge more often? When you go see a band on Halloween, there’s a good chance they’ll be in costume. I mean, who could resist?

Here’s a collection of costumed crooners from years past -- wonder who’s going to get dressed up this holiday?



In this clip, the band Weezer celebrates Halloween 2009 dressed as various insects, which are then removed by members of the audience because ... uh ... it’s unclear why, but it’s very entertaining.

American Idol Kelly Clarkson gets her whole crew in costume for a medley of cover tunes. But hers is inspired: She’s Stewie from Family Guy. American Idol is lame, but this is adorable. (Note the diaper butt!)

Way back in 2003, Cher greeted her public -- on one of her many farewell tours -- dressed as a witch. Huh. Given that her Oscar attire has been so adorably wacky, was a sexy witch really the best she could come up with?

Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty has a thing for Michael Jackson, apparently. Which Michael Jackson? The Thriller era:

I’ve saved the best for last: Earnest rockers Pearl Jam, dressed as (and covering) alternaweirdos Devo. Just watch it.

Did you ever go to a Halloween concert that was performed in costume?

Image via Michael_Spencer/Flickr


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