Rachael Leigh Cook: Before & After Photoshop

Rachael Leigh Cook may be disgusted by airbrushing in magazines. (That's why she's urging young women not to measure themselves against the impossibly high standards of manipulated images of celebrities and models.)

But would the 31-year-old actress be willing to grace the cover of a magazine without the help of digital enhancements?

rachael leigh cook

Let's see what Ms. Cook looks like before Photoshop, shall we?


rachael leigh cook

Even au naturel, you have to admit: She's all that.

In other words, it's easy for a gorgeous celebrity to argue against Photoshopping when she more than meets the industry's beauty standards all on her own. (Although, to be fair, Rachael would probably argue that a seemingly candid image like the one above has been manipulated in some way.)

Still, it's refreshing to see a celebrity speak out against false advertising and its potential to harm young girls and their fragile body images. And for Rachael, who as a teenager was tricked into thinking the manipulated celeb images were real, this story has a personal slant:

I remember gaining quite a bit of weight on the first movie that I worked on ... I knew then that I needed to go and really try and get healthy. I went too far in the other direction and I worried my parents for a while ... I think that it's something that many, many teenage girls go through, especially ones that are achievers and ambitious. You're looking for a sense of control, and when you're in a really transitional phase in your teenage years, I think it's a pretty normal reaction to develop food issues.

The lesson here: Even gorgeous women have bad body days. Props to Rachael for getting it out there in the open and letting it all hang out (so to speak).


Images via Coco Eco Magazine; Getty

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