'DWTS' Recap: Where Was Brandy Hiding?

It was rock night for the sixth episode of Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars and it became clear that this theme thing is really just an excuse to make something (anything!) seem interesting this season.

But really: Pink is "rock" now? I was expecting some Zeppelin and Metallica. Instead I got Pink and Orianthi.

The episode opened with the All-Time-Favorite opening act featuring the 10 best dances of all times and it just sent home how depressing this season is. Where is the Nicole Scherzinger-level dancer who makes each episode exciting?

It ain't Audrina Patridge, that's for sure. Audrina had to visit a mixed martial artist to teach her how to have passion.Yes, seriously.


She is official proof that being hot is not the same thing as being interesting, sexy or passionate. Because seriously? It is almost depressing. What a beautiful girl with such good technique!  Why can't she hit the passion?

It may just be like that cliched saying: "there is no there there." Indeed.

Kyle Massey delivered a strong dance and since I am still not really sure who he is, there is not much more to say about that.

Meanwhile Jennifer Grey delivered the most disappointing dance of the evening when she "lost control" according to Carrie Ann Inaba. If only Audrina's moves and precision could be combined with Jennifer's passion then we might have someone worth watching this season.

Bristol Palin was "ridiculously amazing" according to Carrie Ann and I have to say, I agree. She was strong, epspecially in spirit and character. She really got into her tango and impressed all the judges. Could she actually be a contender?

The biggest surprise of the night was Kurt Warner dancing to the "Final Countdown." I thought he was strong and moved well, but the judges did not agree. Like at all. Like they gave him an 18. Ouch.

Meanwhile, the new Queen of Season 11 appears to be ... Brandy? Her tango was strong and earned a 26 -- the top score of the night -- but of course I was most mesmerized by her boots. They were silver! I want a pair!

She really is a contender, though. And now that Jennifer is dying, it seems Brandy has a chance to take the whole season!

My prediction for the evening: Kurt Warner is headed home.

Who do you think will head home?


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