Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep & Oprah: A Hollywood Trinity

Meryl StreepNot to pretend that I'm a psychic, but how can a movie starring Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, and Oprah not be a hugely successful blockbuster? Even Michael Patrick King, who's taking his first non-Sex and the City directing lead, couldn't screw this up.


All three of these women are enormously talented (and if you doubt Oprah's acting skills, go watch the 1985 film The Color Purple and get back to me) and I can only imagine what the combination of their talent will produce.

The not-yet-titled Universal Pictures comedy features characters at a home shopping network dealing with "marketing marriages, and the media."

Though Bullock and Streep have never worked together, they're definitely not strangers. The two shared that infamous liplock at this year's Critics' Choice Awards, and then went head-to-head for Best Actress at the Academy Awards. Sandra ended up beating out Streep (who already has a couple of Oscars under her belt) for her role in The Blind Side. Even Oprah has an Oscar nod, having been nominated for her role in The Color Purple.

Yeah, this movie is gonna be good.

Would you want to see these three ladies in a movie together?


Image via Vincent Luigi Molino/Flickr

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