'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Finale Recap: Kim's Men

Kim KardashianMost of the action on tonight's one-hour season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians centered around the fair maiden Kim Kardashian and her relationship with Miles Austin ... and the ensuing jealousy of her ex, Reggie Bush.

(Isn't it always all about Kim?)

In a heartfelt call, Bush tried to tell her how he felt when he heard the news about her dating Austin ("literally driving me crazy") and that he wanted her back.

Never one to practice privacy, Kim put him on speaker phone for part of the conversation while her brother Rob and sister Khloe listened raptly.

Kind of insensitive, but she clearly has some unresolved anger from their breakup. The conversation quickly turned heated.

 "You don't text other f****** whores! 'What's up?' still is something. Why would you say ‘what's up? unless you had an intention of talking to her and starting a conversation?"


Later in an endless stream of texts and calls Bush freaked out when Kim's car wash was accidentally charged to him (they have the same car and get it washed at the same place).

"Don't ever f****** charge a car wash to me again - you can have Miles Austin pay for it."

Meanwhile, Austin joined the girls and Kris Jenner in New York to celebrate the Fourth of July and Khloe's birthday, and was overwhelmed with the paparazzi following them everywhere they went. By the show's end, he and Kim had ended things because he just couldn't handle the public glare.

"We came from two different worlds and he didn't understand my world," Kim said.

At least Austin gave Kim a lasting parting gift -- her new-found love for booze. While she used to abstain, she said Austin taught her how to loosen up. So while cruising on the Hudson River, the next thing we knew, Kim was wasted and falling all over Miles and the place.

As for Kim and Reggie, it was clear that there were still feelings there on both sides when this filming took place. Whether current rumored romances between Kim and Kanye West (previews from next season show him making at least an appearance) or John Mayer or Bush again are just rumors is unknown as of now.

But she better figure it out fast, because the fair maiden is treading on dangerous grounds of become an old maid ... you know, since she turned 30 and all.

Regardless of who she dates next, she'll be doing it in New York, as she and Kourtney are heading to the Big Apple next season to open another DASH location.

As for the rest of the crew, it was Bruce Jenner's night to shine ... instead of just be annoying.

After refusing to go to New York, somehow Rob was able to get Bruce to remove the stick from his derriere long enough to frequent a Los Angeles night club -- which he'd never done in this 34 years living in the city.

He danced, really awkwardly, but he danced, and ended the night by get his ears pierced -- BOTH ears. With his crazy long hair, he looked just like a woman ... who's really a man.

Fortunately, Jenner decided to throw even more caution the wind and actually CUT HIS HAIR. Thank god!

It looked so much better, and you can almost see now how he could have fathered someone as attractive as Brody Jenner.

So it's a fresh start in New York for Kim and Kourtney and a fresh start for Bruce as his hair actually entered this century. But, unfortunately, we'll have to wait until next season to see what happens from here

Did you watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians tonight? Do you think Kim and Reggie will end up back together again?

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