Anna Chapman iPhone App; What's Next Honorary U.S. Citizenship?

Anna ChapmanHave you always wanted to play poker with a sexy Russian spy? Well now, there's an app for that!

"Poker with Anna Chapman" lets users play poker with her and gives winners more insight into her life with access to a special blog and Facebook page.

"The app appeared because Anna is a huge fan of Apple products," a rep from the app manufacturer told ABC. "She has been using an iPhone and Mac for quite a while and has recently got an iPad too."

But, of course.

From her super sexy spread in Maxim to the Anna Chapman action figure you can purchase so you (or your kids?) can play spy, America is obsessed this woman and forking out the money to make her a very wealthy woman.

What I want to know is where are the American patriots protesting an app like that?


Sure she's sexy and mysterious, but she's a SPY!

She tried to harm our country. She tried to steal our trade secrets. Even if she didn't do much damage, she tried! 

If Osama bin Laden was a hot piece of manhood, would we be so easily mesmerized?

There was a time when spies were executed in this country, now they're idolized?

Well, if they're smoking hot, at least.

I'm guessing no one even thought about making an app starring Aldrich Ames or Robert Hanssen

No proud American citizen should want to play poker with Anna Chapman on their iPhone or ogle pictures of her in her underwear. There are plenty of other hot women around the world who didn't come to our country to rob it.

Kudos to Chapman for being smart enough to capitalize off her bad behavior, and let them adore her all they want in Russia. But shame on Americans for letting a sexy woman transfix them and take the focus off why she's really famous.

Would you buy the Anna Chapman iphone app?

Image via Facebook

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