Taylor Momsen Exposes Herself to NYC Audience, Is an Inspiration to Young Women Everywhere

What do you do when you're all of 17 years old and already so bored by men that you publicly announce that your best friend is your vibrator? You can't just sit around, like, going to school, right? No way, now it's time to reach for the stars and live out that glorious moment every girl dreams of: the day you show your underage tits to a bunch of total strangers.

Oh, it's just an inspiration to see Taylor Momsen achieving so much at such a young age. When you think of everything she's already contributed to the arts ... and yet she just keeps on giving!


Lucky audience members at Don Hill's in NYC last night were treated to a vision of loveliness that can only belong to the young and innocent. Momsen was performing on stage with her band The Pretty Reckless when she ripped open her shirt to expose her boobs, which were adorned with some age-appropriate stripper pasties. She then ran her hands up and down her body and groped herself, in order to more thoroughly express her deep, insightful emotions.

I can only imagine the sort of overwhelming pride her parents must have felt when they, too, were able to revel in the sight of their daughter's breasts—freed from the tyranny of youth, released from the shackles of good taste!—and know that eventually the video of this event would hit the Internet and thousands of hairy, sweaty men could use it as masturbatory fuel. Oh, it's enough to bring joyful tears to your eyes, isn't it?

Taylor, keep on forging your own unique path. At 17, you're so smart to know there's no better time to carve out your lifelong reputation as a jaded oversexed pop tart famous for bodily exploits than right now.

Image via TaylorMomsen.com

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