8 Easy Celebrity Inspired Halloween Costumes

Ke$haYou have a little over a week until Halloween, and if you're still scrounging to come up with a Halloween costume, turn to your favorite outrageous celebrities' fashion choices for inspiration.

Over the last year, the red carpet, music videos, and magazine spreads have been filled with outfits that would only be worn by us regular folks on October 31. Check out 8 of our favorite celebrity outfits-turned-costumes:


Ke$ha: Okay, so I'm totally giving away my costume idea (CafeMom co-workers, you've been warned for the costume contest). This year, I'm channeling my inner Ke$ha and donning her handmade trashbag dress that she wore to this year's VMAs. The best thing about this outfit is that it's perhaps the cheapest costume I've ever worn. Simply cut a trashbag to fit (though it took me five attempts to get it right) and add a black faux fur boa to wear around your neck. If you're really a perfectionist, cut the boa and superglue to the top of the dress to match hers. You can't really tell from the photo, but she gathered the excess bag and bunched it up in the back, but you could always just simply cinch it with a belt. Oh, and don't forget the styled blonde wig if you're not a natural. 

Rihanna: Another easy one -- Rihanna's Bozo the Clown-inspired outfit. Honestly, I'd go the funny route with this one and get a regular clown costume, slap a name tag that says "Rihanna" on yourself, and carry a microphone around with you while sporadically busting out with "Rude Boy."

Miley Cyrus: Her winged creature character in her "Can't Be Tamed Video" was pretty hot and can be easily replicated. Just get a black leotard, knee-high boots, and ginormous black wings.

Miley Cyrus

Lady Gaga: Let's be honest here, all of her outfits make headlines, but take a wild guess at which one made the most ... the meat dress. Duh. Sure you could go the real meat route (which, according to a NYC meat carver, it would take you 15 to 20 pounds of flank steak, 10 hours to create, and cost you about $1,000). Best bet is to cut up a red dress and run bleach over it to look marbleized or use iron-on transfers. Add your dog's plastic steak chew toy to your head (might want to wash it first), and voila! You're a walking gay rights ad.

Kate Gosselin: Hopefully by now, you've got that horrible image of Kate Gosselin angrily stomping about to "Paparazzi" on last spring season of Dancing With the Stars. Damn, now it's in your head again, sorry about that. But it does make for another easy costume. Due to high demand, costume shops have been stocked with Kate Gosselin wigs (blech) and red tango dresses. Yes, I know she had long hair in the dance, but no one remembers that.

Katy Perry: All summer we danced to Katy Perry's "California Gurls" and I am willing to bet we're going to see lots of ice cream sundae bikini tops running around this Halloween. To create this look, try to find some sweet fake treats at your local toy store, attach them to a bikini, don a blue wig, and wear some bedazzled shorts.

Katy Perry

Kim Kardashian: She lit gossip fires when she posed for GQ magazine last week wearing nothing but silver paint (but it's art!). Take her nudity as inspiration, but wear a full-body silver suit instead (unless you have the guts to go nakey, but don't blame me when your silver butt's in jail). Make sure you wear a booty pop in your pants for that extra junk in the trunk.

Lindsay Lohan: They say it's a fashion faux pas to wear the same outfit twice in the celebrity world, well, LiLo's been having all sorts of orange no-no's due to her frequent trips to the slammer. Don't forget the classy "F*** You" manicure.

Oooor you can always go to the costume store and pick what's left of sexy kitten, sexy Chucky (eek!), or sexy Chewbacca (totally serious).

Can you think of any celebrities' outfits from the past year that would make for a good Halloween costume?

Image via Frederick M. Brown/Getty, YouTube.com, YouTube.com

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