Lady Gaga Metal Bikini Leads to Dangerous Situations

Lady GagaOkay Lady Gaga -- you're starting to wander into the danger zone with your fashion choices. The meat dress could have given you food poisoning and now you're flirting with fire by wearing a metal bikini?

Wise up, girlfriend!

Gaga and her man, Luc Carl, were vacationing in Crete earlier this month, and even on the secluded Grecian beaches, Gaga still tried to shock the seagulls that were watching them by wearing a bikini top that looked like it was pulled from Xena The Warrior Princess's closet (see photo here).

Doesn't she know the risk factors of wearing a metal bikini?


1. Lightning: Thunderstorms can creep up onto beaches swiftly, and with a metal bikini, she's a target for lightning. Sure she has sparks fly from her boobs during shows, but I doubt she'd want the real thing.

2. Rust: You're at a beach. With water. Wearing metal. Did you not pass 8th grade science?

3. Ouch!: I'm sure you've sat on a metal chair that's been sitting in the warm sun for hours. You stand up quickly, squealing in pain. Now imagine that on your boobs.

4. Think of the Boyfriend: What's the purpose of a romantic getaway if you can't cuddle up next to your sweetheart?  Not only would they be poking him uncomfortably, but see reason #3.

5. Bad Tan Lines: Those golden saucers are huge! Those tan lines are show in even the most tame of outfits. 

What do you think of Gaga's not-so itsy bitsy bikini?


Image via Domain Barnyard/Flickr

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