Victoria Rathgeb: What Pissed the Playmate Off?

Victoria RathgebFormer Playboy Playmate of the Year  Victoria Rathgeb, a.k.a. Angela Dorian,  a.k.a. Victoria Vetri has been charged with attempted murder.

The 66-year-old was taken into custody Saturday evening after allegedly shooting her husband, Bruce Rathgeb, at close range in the apartment they share. When police arrived, she told them a drug dealer did it.

She's currently in jail, while it sounds like Bruce is hospitalized in critical condition. If he takes a turn for the worse, she could perhaps face murder charges.

So what could make an former playmate with senior citizen status so angry?


Details are sparse right now, but here are a few guesses:

Hugh Hefner asked her to come back as one of the Girls Next Door, and Bruce was trying to stop her.

She found our that Bruce is the reason Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are supposedly splitting.

There really was a drug dealer, but he only sold her the drugs that made her go crazy and try shoot her husband.

Rosemary's Baby made her do it (She had a small role in the film back in the day).

She really wanted to meet Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton (she's currently at the Century Regional Detention Center where they have spent time).

Whatever the real reason, we wish Bruce a speedy and full recovery.

Victoria is being held on $1 million bail, and a court date has been set for November 1.

What do you think could possibly make a 66-year-old Playboy Playmate angry enough to shoot her husband?

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