Lea Michele Used to Strip Onstage [Video]

glee stars in GQSweet Lea Michele, the darling of Glee, in all her sugary sweet innocence, scandalously posed on the cover and in the pages of GQ in tiny little panties. She and fellow Gleeksters Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith are photographed in various stages of undress (well not Cory) with lollipops and push-up bras. Some people are all upset over this. How could she, they wonder. The harlot! they cry.

Even Michele herself seemed surprised at her sexy posing skills. "I don't know how they got me to do half the stuff I did," she said.

But having seen Michele's real breasts in person, I can't help but think there's maybe a wee bit of fibbing.

Yes, I paid money and saw Lea Michele naked onstage.


And it was on the greatest stage of all -- Broadway.

Michele was part of the incredible cast of Spring Awakening before her Glee days. A play about sex and love and rock and roll, set in 19th-century Germany. She had an erotic scene where she was topless and writhing from sexual pleasure with actor Jonathan Groff -- who had quite the convincing orgasm on stage as well. Amazing play, amazing actors.

"I just find that it's not uncomfortable for me at all," she told Broadway World about her nude Spring Awakening performance.

The GQ photos are nothing in comparison. So why is she making it seem like showing a little cheek in a men's mag is a big deal?

lea michele gq

So she plays a school-aged kid on TV. She's 24 in real life. She's a grown woman. I'm also a little curious about the growth of her breasts. GQ might be guilty of some photoshopping. Check out some of her scenes from Spring Awakening.

What do you think of Lea Michele in GQ and her past performance in Spring Awakening?


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