Mel Gibson, What Will It Take to Get Rid of You?

gibsonApparently assaulting ex-girlfriend/baby mama Oksana Grigorieva and spouting racial and misogynistic slurs just isn't enough to keep Mel Gibson down. We all thought that we had seen the last of this fool but apparently that's not true.

Turns out the embattled movie star has landed a role in the upcoming sure-to-be-a-mega-hit The Hangover 2. Gibson's cameo role is reportedly that of a Bangkok tattoo artist. Gee ... can't wait.

And that's not all.


Rumor has it that Gibson is also in talks with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner about the possibility of a multiple-episode story arc in Season 5.

Say it ain't so! Do you know how many wonderful actors are out there that would kill for a shot at a part in Mad Men? And Weiner's considering this creep? The show has enough sexism and racism as it is. I'm not faulting the writers for that -- it was a sign of the times and you should tell it like it is.

But why silently condone it by employing this jerk?

His agents at William Morris Endeavor dropped him. The general public is rightfully appalled at his recent behavior and some will likely boycott anything that he does. It seems the only person who can tolerate him is Jodie Foster, who claims that Gibson is "the most loved man in the film business." (He's gotta have some pictures that she doesn't want to be seen, right? I mean, that's the only explanation.)

Murder? Arson? What does Gibson have to do in order for us to finally be rid of him?

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