Kristen Stewart Sucks Scream Awards Dry

Kristen Stewart Scream Awards
Kristen Stewart steals the show at the Scream Awards
Random celebs and unique categories make MTV stand out in the sea of awards shows, but Spike TV's Scream Awards puts them to shame.

Fire on stage? Check. MIA wearing a burqa? Check. Marilyn Manson being Marilyn Manson? Check. The Scream Awards are a one-stop shop for crazy.

It's good that in these unpredictable times, there are things we can depend on, like vampires. Twilight Saga: Eclipse dominated the night, with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson deemed best in fantasy. I'm not normally a fan, but she looked hot and actually seemed happy to be there. I didn't know she could show an emotion other than boredom.

True Blood was not to be outdone and took home the horror category. The only thing missing was a vampire couple showdown between KStew & RPatz, and Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer. Now that would have been a show-stealer!

Sadly, that didn't happen and most of the show left us scratching our heads.


Maybe I'm a party pooper, but aren't awards shows generally about what's happening right now? Not so for the Scream Awards, rebels that they are. They're harping on old favorites and praising movies that haven't even come out yet.

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd were there for Back to the Future and the audience partied like it was 1985. The standing ovation was well-deserved, but the blast from the past probably should've stopped there.

Like, did we really need to invite Bill Murray to the party? Of course he came out in his Ghostbusters costume, how else would anyone know who he is? It gives people something to talk about so they don't all ask what the heck he's doing there.

The rest of the show was movie trailer heaven: Scream, Harry Potter, The Rite ... I'm all for self-promotion, but is it too much to ask for an awards show to, I don't know, give out awards?

Oh, and to have those awards be for performances we've already seen. The Green Lantern probably doesn't need an award for "Top Anticipated Movie." Now you've set poor Ryan Reynolds up to fail if it bombs. Talk about performance anxiety!

Okay, okay, I know I shouldn't expect much from something called the Scream Awards, but the real entertainment comes from making fun of them, right? Needless to say, I could've done with a little more KStew and a lot less ... everything else.

Did you watch the Scream Awards? What were your favorite moments?


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