'Sister Wives' Season Finale: Let the Polygamists Play!

Sister WivesAnother day, another wife. Last night on the Sister Wives season finale, Kody Brown wed his fourth wife, Robyn, and things got catty.

How could they not?

Younger, hotter, and new, Robyn had the other women turning various shades of green as they had to help plan and partake in the festivities from picking out her dress to the cake that was served.

And there sat Kody Brown at the center of it all like a smug cat who just caught another mouse.

And while we may want to smack him, why exactly do we care so much if he has 4 or 40 wives? And why should it be illegal?


The crew has seemed to skirt the law so far because, besides one, the others are just "spiritual marriages." But they are still under investigation and could face felony charges and be in jail for up to five years.

Don't we have more important crimes to worry about?

Heck, President Obama's polygamist half-brother just wed his third wife in Kenya.

A brief review of the history of polygamy points to religious reasons for it being outlawed -- basically that it taints the Christian idea of what a marriage should be. It seems to be based on the same reasons that gay marriage has been outlawed. 

So if we support gay marriage, shouldn't we also support polygamy?

Sure, it's sexist and oppressive to women, but that could be easily fixed by allowing women to have multiple husbands as well (polyandry). And yes, there are all sorts of problems with jealously and competition and the like, but no more so than your typical sorority house or a married couple who swings or cheats on one another.

So why do we care so much if people love multiple partners and willingly agree to combine their lives and raise families together?

There are plenty of advantages too -- built-in babysitters, companionship, that whole "raise a village" thing when it comes to raising children.

Personally, I can think of plenty of perks ... as long as I was the hottest, most favorite one.

Raging jealousy and a need for my own space and my own man would certainly keep me from practicing polygamy (sorry, honey), but if someone else can handle it, who cares.

The good news, if you're a fan of the show, is that even if they're all jailed, the show will go on. TLC recently said they'll continue filming no matter who's in jail.

Do you think Kody Brown and his wives should go to jail?

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