Shia LaBeouf Attacks Photographer, Venti-Style

Ah, the moment when a celebrity breaks under the pressure of being photographed, and finally just unleashes hell on a paparazzo. Who can blame them, really? It must be maddening to have your every move hounded by camera lenses. Violence should never be condoned, obviously, but you can see how in the heat of battle, a star might resort to physically lashing out at the people constantly interrupting their private life.

We've seen it happen time and time again, after all. Mike Tyson punching the photographer at LAX. Sean Penn's attack that resulted in charges of battery and vandalism, a repeat performance of his infamous 1985 outburst when a photographer tried to snap a picture of his then-wife Madonna. James Gandolfini lunging at a pap while shouting, "I'm gonna break your f--king face!" Russell Brand shoving the camera-jockeys who were attempting to get an upskirt image of his fiancee Katy Perry.


Hell, even Lindsay Lohan once threw a mean right hook at a photographer, while never once putting down her cell phone. (Impressive, really.)

Well, now we can add Shia LaBeouf to the list of stars who have chosen to rise up and fight back against the paparazzi. While sitting at an outdoor cafe in Washington, D.C., this week, Shia took chase after a lurking photographer and—listen, if cold-blooded violence bothers you, you may choose to sit down before reading this—threw his drink at the guy.

Oh yes, that's right. He totally tossed his decaf sugar-free vanilla extra whip at the dude's back. The best part is how he never stopped, but ran off at top speed, presumably tittering hysterically the whole time.

Step down, Sean Penn. I'm pretty sure we have the all-time top celebrity pap-busting badass right here.

Image via Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

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