'The View' Walk Off Smells Like a Publicity Stunt

joy beharNow that Bill O'Reilly and Joy Behar have both had a chance to respond to yesterday's The View walk-off on their respective shows, can we all please move on from this manufactured controversy?

The two TV personalities made no apologies last night for their verbal sparring over Park51 -- the planned mosque/Muslim community center near Ground Zero -- which resulted in Behar and co-host Whoopi Goldberg "dramatically" walking off the stage.

Instead, O'Reilly and Behar took yet another opportunity to throw insults at each other, suggesting that far from furthering intelligent discussion on an important topic, they're content to prey on the country's divisiveness on this issue and up their ratings. Real classy, guys.


The whole situation reeks of a publicity stunt -- and both O'Reilly and Behar are guilty of milking it for all it's worth.

Last night on The Joy Behar Show, Behar defended her walk-off earlier that day and brought in former Minnesota Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura -- who's clearly known for his impartiality -- for backup. Here's the insight he had to offer on the topic:

[Bill O'Reilly] is a spineless puke.

This was after Behar said O'Reilly had a "pinhead moment." Clearly, both are intelligent contributions to the debate. What were we even talking about again? Oh, right. Muslims.

And then there's O'Reilly himself who poked fun at the entire situation during his "Talking Points Memo" on Fox News:

I am not in the business of sugar coating harsh realities ... I enjoy jousting with The View ladies because, with the exception of Elisabeth Hasselbeck, they don't see it my way. I loved that exposition today. Didn't you?

My question ever since I watched the clip of the walk-off has been: Why bring O'Reilly on The View in the first place when it's expected that he will clash with the hosts?

Now the answer is crystal clear: For ratings, of course.

Do you think Bill O'Reilly on The View was a publicity stunt?

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