Are Angelina Jolie & Hilary Swank Movies Being Sabotaged?

angelina jolieBoth Angelina Jolie and Hilary Swank are in danger of having their projects derailed now that critics are attacking the subject matter of their respective films.

But is there any merit to these criticisms? Or are people just trying to sabotage their movies?

Never a stranger to controversy, Jolie hit a surprising roadblock earlier this week on the set of her untitled directorial debut film in Bosnia. Ordinarily a champion of women's and children's rights, the Oscar-winning actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador was defending herself against attacks by an unlikely group -- a women war victims group.


Here's the story in a nutshell:

Jolie was banned from filming in Bosnia allegedly because the "women victims of war" association in Sarajevo objected to the details of the plot -- which involved a Serbian rapist and his Muslim victim falling in love. According to reports, the women's group was outraged over the insensitive content and went as far as to accuse Jolie's movie of "misleading history."

Today, however, the Jolie camp tells us the other side of the story: That, in fact, the script is not a rapist-victim love story. And that someone started that rumor to sabotage the project. The team has sent the screenplay to the Culture Ministry and is hoping to get permission to start shooting again.

In the meantime, there's Hilary Swank who's come under fire for not contacting the children of the murder victim featured in her new film, Conviction -- or so says Gloria Allred. She's holding a press conference later today to denounce Swank for her lack of respect and compassion for the victim and her family.

The question is, however, why focus on Swank? She's the star and one of the executive producers, sure. But there's a director and a writer and a whole host of other people attached to the project. If there was, in fact, an infraction, why place all the blame on her shoulders? Only Allred really knows ...

Love 'em or hate 'em, it's hard to think of either Jolie or Swank making a movie with anything but integrity.

So what's really going on here? Do you think people are trying to sabotage their movies?

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