Peter Robinson (Marilyn) + Gavin Rossdale: Boy George Didn't Lie

Gavin RossdaleAfter all these years, Gavin Rossdale has finally admitted he had an affair with '80s pop singer Marilyn, whose real name is Peter Robinson.

Boy George tried to out the two in his 1995 book Tell It Like a Man, but both parties denied the rumors. And since Boy George had his own crazy issues, the matter kind of faded from public mind.

Then last year, Marilyn came out with his side of the story and touted a five-year relationship with Rossdale. He said Rossdale was "the love of my life" and that he, the gallant guy he is, only denied the relationship to protect Rossdale's career.

Talk about not being able to let go of the past ... or trying to stir up some publicity.

Now finally, Rossdale has admitted to a relationship with Marilyn.


Peter Robinson Marilyn

In an interview with Details, he called the relationship a one-time experiment that was "part of growing up."

I think at the outset there was a sort of fear—that was right at the beginning of Bush, and I didn't want it to be part of it. It felt like a cheap shot, so I was like, "I'm not getting involved." I've never wanted to appear closed about it. It's not something I've talked about really because it's always been in the glare of a tabloid world. It's just one of those things: Move on. When you're 17, Jesus Christ. I don't think there's anything strange about any form of—you're learning about life.

But even Rossdale's admission hasn't deflated the drama. Now Marilyn is pissed that Rossdale confessed, while he was made to feel like a "tattletale."

I am pleased that Gavin is finally able to be honest about our relationship. I just wish he could have come to terms with this 15 years ago, he told In Touch. I find it sad that when I spoke out about what we had, I was labelled a tattletale - and now Gavin is using it to promote himself.

How Rossdale is using it to "promote" himself, I'm not sure. It sounds like he was just answering a reporter's question honestly, whereas Marilyn is eyeing the publicity wagon again.

Wonder what Gwen thinks of all the drama? I doubt much as he was 17 then (he's 44 now), and she and Gavin seem to have a relationship as rock-solid as her abs.

Though one must admit that Rossdale does seem to have a type in some regards. There's certainly more than just a slight resemblance between Gwen and Marilyn, no?

What do you think of Rossdale finally confirming his love affair with Marilyn after all these years?


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