Lady Gaga: Before the Meat Dress, There Was 'The Sopranos'

lady gagaYou may have seen Lady Gaga before she was, well, Lady Gaga, and not even realized it.

She appeared on a couple of TV shows during her teenage years, when she went by her real name, Stefani Germanotta.

Check out which ones, after the jump.


When she was 15, she had a small cameo in the Season 3 episode of The Sopranos, "The Telltale Moozadell," where she smokes, drinks, and giggles while the boys vandalize their school's property. In case you don't recognize her without her eccentric fashion, she's the blond on the left.

She also appeared on MTV's prank series, Boiling Points. Ah, remember that show? Hidden cameras show just how far they can piss someone off without them going berserk? Unfortunately, she was the first to fail thanks to a gross dining experience.

And then in the early years of Gaga, before anyone really knew about her, she was on an episode of The Hills in Season 4. She weirded Whitney out with her strange homemade clothing (with shoulder pads!) and accessories she brought with her, and Kelly Cutrone originally thought it was a horrible idea to use her because she was an unsigned artist. Due to the lack of drama, this episode almost never even made the cut. Thankfully, right before Gaga was set to go on stage, she had a wardrobe malfunction when her zipper broke on her skintight catwoman suit. LC came to the rescue and all was well with the world as Kelly whispers at the end, "I think she might actually be a star."

Lady Gaga on The Hills

She couldn't have been more right.

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