David Arquette on Howard Stern: TMI, Dude, TMI

david arquetteIn a startlingly candid conversation with Howard Stern yesterday, David Arquette said that he hopes to reconcile with his wife, Courteney Cox: "It breaks my heart ... I've been begging Courteney to get back with me."

And that's not all he said in the interview (more on that later).

Here's a tip, dude. If you're so anxious to get back together with her, then maybe the first step is to stop talking about your breakup on national radio.

What was he thinking by blabbing so many intimate details about the end of their relationship?


In addition to the quote above, Arquette also admitted to Stern how long it had been since the couple had last slept together (four months) and that during their trial separation, he had sex with L.A. cocktail waitress Jasmine Waltz.

Not only were listeners shocked by his revelations, but rumor has it that Waltz herself was blindsided by the admission.

We can only speculate as to why Arquette is having a difficult time keeping his mouth shut about his private life. Perhaps he thought that by admitting to his romantic tryst upfront, he might emerge from the scandal looking like an honest, stand-up guy.

And, you can't help but detect a little defensiveness in his admission: After all, it had been four months since he and Cox had sex ... what else was he supposed to do?

Arquette may have garnered some sympathy from the audience by emotionally opening up to Stern. But was it really worth all that? Maybe we don't think he's such a jerk, but it's hard not to view him as someone who's a little unhinged.

Why do you think David Arquette opened up to Howard Stern? Does it make you like him more or less?


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