Who Is Jasmine Waltz?

Well, this adds somewhat of an unsavory twist to the Courteney Cox/David Arquette split: David has confirmed that he did, in fact, sleep with L.A. cocktail waitress Jasmine Waltz.

In a baffling public conversation with Howard Stern on Stern's Sirius Satellite show, Arquette not only discussed his sex life with Courteney—or more specifically, the lack thereof (he said as of this summer they hadn't been intimate "in a month or so")—he also says he confronted Courteney about a rumor that she was having an affair with her Cougar Town costar Brian Van Holt, which she denied.

As for the waitress, 28-year-old Jasmine Waltz, he stressed that while he did get intimate with her, he's now a single man. (Wait, are you single when you're separated? Or is it, to borrow a Friends quote, like being on a break?)

Who is this charming siren that wooed him away from the not-so-loving arms of his wife? A few trivia items about Ms. Waltz:


• In early 2009, she dated Ryan Seacrest, before moving on to singer Jesse McCartney. She's also been linked with Star Trek hottie Chris Pine.

• She's an aspiring actress (surprise!) who works as a bartender in various L.A. hotspots.

• She was accused of punching Lindsay Lohan in the face at L.A.'s Voyeur, supposedly because she saw Lohan talking to her former lover (and Paris Hilton ex) Doug Reinhardt.

Jasmine certainly sounds like a mature, classy lady who dates men for their personalities and gosh, I just can't imagine a better partner for David to—DEAR GOD ARQUETTE GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES AND BEG YOUR WIFE FOR FORGIVENESS.

Also, maybe consider a little something called "keeping your big mouth shut." Just a thought.

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