Courteney Cox Split & Other 'Friends' Relationship Drama

FriendsAfter more than 11 years together, Courteney Cox and David Arquette have split, leaving mouths hanging open in shock and and tongues wagging about what went wrong.

Many fingers are pointing in the direction of Cox's Cougar Town co-star, Brian Van Holt.

The two have been linked together for the past couple months and have been spotted hanging out long after filming has ended for the day.

"The driver went there to get her to take her home but Brian (Van Holt) came out instead," a source told "Brian dismissed the driver, telling him that she (Courteney) would be staying there, and that he didn't need to come back."

But Cox isn't the only former Friend whose real-life love life is even more dramatic than the days of Central Perk. Here's a look at the current relationship status of each:


David Schwimmer The guy we'll forever think of as Ross Geller recently confirmed that he got married ... in June. He and Zoe Buchman secretly wed this summer. It's the first wedding for both.

Jennifer Aniston Ever the lonely girl, Aniston has suffered her share of heartbreak and romantic ups and downs, but she has the world (or at least most of it) rooting for her. She was recently voted "Most Eligible Single Woman in the World" in a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll.

Matt Perry Also single, Perry, better known as Chandler Bing, has struggled over the years with prescription drugs. He has been linked to a host of women in the past, but in real life, Perry hasn't found his Monica yet.

Matt LeBlanc He married Melissa McKnight in 2004, but divorced a couple of years later. They have a daughter together, Marina. He has been linked previously to actress Andrea Anders, who starred in his short-lived sitcom, Joey. Just don't call him "Joey" because he doesn't like it AT ALL.

Lisa Kudrow The most mundane of the all the Friends when it comes to love (in the very best sense of the word "mundane"), Kudrow has been married to her husband Michael Stern since 1995. They have one son, Julian.

Which Friend's love life didn't turn out quite the way you thought it would?

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