Perez Hilton Is a Gay Bully

Today is National Coming Out Day, so I wonder who openly gay gossip blogger Perez Hilton will be outing—against their wishes?

After all, Perez did out Lance Bass of N'Sync a while back, forcing the singer to make a public statement to People about his sexuality. Hilton tried to explain his motives to Access Hollywood at the time, saying,


“It upsets me that people think what I'm doing is a bad thing. I don't think it's a bad thing. If you know something to be a fact, why not report it? Why is that still taboo? […] I know there is some controversy about outing people, but I also believe the only way we're gonna have change is with visibility."

Hmm, like how he repeatedly called Matt Dallas of the ABC show 'Kyle XY' a fag, once describing Matt's haircut—oh so very wittily—as 'fagulous'? Or how he asked readers to submit photos of Neil Patrick Harris with another man (before the actor came out)? Or how he posted private sexual photos of Dustin Lance Black, the screenwriter for Milk? Or how he said Will.I.Am was a faggot, because, in Perez's words, it "was the worst possible thing a thug would ever want to hear"?

That doesn't really seem like the kind of visibility that drives positive change, does it?

Perez spoke out against the recent tragic events related to gay bullying, telling MTV,

“I’m just beyond sad — I’m crushed. And also compelled to act (after seeing) gay bullying and (kids) being harassed in school because people might think that they’re gay.”

Pretty hypocritical, coming from the exact same guy who said,

"[…] if I have to drag some people screaming out of the closet, then I will."

Hey, I've got an idea: maybe in honor of Coming Out Day Perez could go ahead and admit a little something about himself. Namely, that he's a complete and utter asshole.

Come on, Perez, it'll feel so good—and we all know it's a fact, so why not report it?

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