Christopher Columbus & Jack Sparrow: Who's a Bigger Bad Boy?

Christopher ColumbusHow can a swashbuckling, rum-drinking, boat-stealing sexy character played by Johnny Depp even be compared to a historical old guy that wore a white wig?

Well, there are a lot of facts about Christopher Columbus that our history books left out, proving that the man credited for making the Americas popular was quite the badass.

  • Columbus began sailing at the young age of 14. Do you remember how much cooler you were when you were able to get behind the wheel? You know he impressed the ladies early on for that one.
  • Drinking may be Jack Sparrow's vice, but ol' Chris preferred the hard stuff. He was supposedly addicted to opium, which is the same drug that's used in producing modern-day heroin. 
  • All of the ladies love Jack Sparrow, both in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and in real life, which probably motivated him to never put a ring on it. But even marriage didn't stop Columbus from getting some on the side. There's even genetic evidence that he and his crew brought Syphilis to Europe. Tsk, tsk.
  • Don't let all of those dull wimpy images of Columbus fool you, they are not historically accurate. No authentic portrait of the explorer has been found, but accounts consistently describe him as a large, physically strong man, who rose to 6 feet tall (or more), which makes me believe he could hold his own in a fight. Jack Sparrow relied mostly on wit and negotiation to get out of tough situations.
  • Both boys were arrested and spent some time in jail, but it was Jack who managed to escape his cell fate. 

So who do you think was the bigger bad boy: Jack Sparrow or Christopher Columbus?


Image via maywong_photos/Flickr

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