GMA Gains a Mom! Is Elisabeth Hasselbeck the Best Choice?

Elisabeth HasselbeckElisabeth Hasselbeck is used to being the outsider, going it alone. As a cast member of Survivor Australia, she was the last remaining member of a tribe before being voted off on Day 39 and finishing fourth overall.

She's the lone token conservative in a sea of liberal blowhards on the daytime bitch session, The View. And now, the 33-year-old Republican commentator, wife, and mom will be joining ABC's Good Morning America as one of the few if not the only high-profile anchor who happens to also be a mom.

Well, it's about time.


The last time GMA had a top host that was a mom was .... well I can't rightly recall. There have been plenty of dads. Charlie Gibson was and is married, has two daughters and a grandchild. Former host Diane Sawyer doesn't have kids, but her replacement, that sexy George Stephanopoulos, has two. Robin Roberts is also childless. And Sam Champion, well, let's be honest. I cannot imagine that pretty boy ever settling down and spending his weekends changing diapers, can you? When would he have time to work on his tan?

So, entre Hasselbeck.

Not that there's anything wrong with a dads-only morning talk show club. It's just that moms are a huge target audience and directly linked to good ratings for morning TV. Moms relate better to other moms, or at least people who go through the same daily struggles that they do. And now we can all relate to Hasselbeck ... or can we?

Hasselbeck is conservative, the anti-Stephanopoulos. She will continue to irritate her co-hosts and viewers on The View, but will appear on GMA from time to time as a contributor covering hot-button family and lifestyle issues.

Her first segment, to air on Monday, will be on parents and kids who decide to get tattoos together. I have not seen a picture of Hasselbeck scantily clad lately, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't have any tattoos. I wonder if she will weigh in on that, and if she will let those opinions and judgements rip in the same way she does on The View.

Hasselbeck. Eh, I could take her or leave her. She's not a strong conservative voice but she does say stupid things from time to time that make me laugh, so I think she just may be a good choice to mix it up a bit on GMA. Enough so that I may even start watching from time to time ... especially since I still refuse to turn on The View. Nope. Never.

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