Celebrating John Lennon's Birthday Around the Web

Strawberry FieldsJohn Lennon would have been 70 today, and tributes abound around the web. He was more than just a Beatle – Lennon was a political activist for peace and justice, and it’s nice to remember him on the day he was born, not the day he was so horribly taken too soon.
For moms with teens, Lennon often becomes a ghostly presence around the house – I know that’s the case for us, as my stepson is 14 and adores the Beatles. I was his age when Lennon was shot, so all my fandom is overshadowed with sadness; for him, it’s all just great songs and round glasses.
If you’re celebrating the life of John Lennon – with your kids or on your own – here are some of the cool tributes from around the Web:


Google’s home page (you might have to log out of iGoogle) features a neato animation in Lennon’s unique drawing style. If you miss it, you can see it and all the other custom doodles at http://www.google.com/logos/.
YouTube’s JohnLennon channel features special messages from his loved ones and famous fans.
Rolling Stone has three clips from the upcoming documentary LENNONNYC, which will air on PBS’s “American Masters” series on November 22.
Yoko and famous pals like Lady Gaga (really! Yoko and Sean are fans!) had a concert in LA to celebrate the famous day – you can see photos on Spin Magazine’s site.

Twitter’s hoping to explode with one million messages sent to the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland, at twitter.com/iptower.
The new movie Nowhere Boy is opening, depicting Lennon’s early life and “untold story.” See the trailer and find out more at the official site.

Gibson Guitars is issuing special editions of Lennon’s favorite guitars, including an all-white one and one with John and Yoko scribbles.
And my personal favorite, the Lennon FBI Files site, showing the massive research and surveillance on the former Beatle in the 1970s.
How will you celebrate Lennon’s birthday? Are your kids fans?
Image via JeffPearce/Flickr

Google’s homepage features a cool animation in Lennon’s unique drawing style, YouTube features special video messages from his loved ones and famous fans,

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