Joy Behar Receives Celebrity Birthday Wishes, But Not From Christine O'Donnell

joy behar christine o'donnellHappy Birthday Joy Behar!

Today is the comedienne/talk show host's 68th birthday, and she's looking good! I'm sure she's bolstered by the fabulous celebrity birthday wishes she received today on The View.

How awesome is it to get well-wishes from Phyllis Diller?

Something else that keeps the sharp-tongued lady youthful? Taking down politicians.

Joy has had a heck of a lot of fun with Christine O'Donnell this election season, and when Christine had to release a campaign video saying "I'm Not a Witch," it was just too much for the birthday girl to resist.

Christine, you may not be a witch, but you're also not Joy Behar.


Is Behar obsessed with O'Donnell? Granted the Republican candidate for Senate gives us all a heck of a lot to work with on a weekly basis, but Joy seems to have a comedic soft spot for the friend of Sarah.

Some more gems include:

Joy's "witch who doesn't masturbate" take-down.

Joy asks if O'Donnell is mentally ill.

Joy gives O'Donnell a geography lesson.

Who would you rather wish a happy birthday -- Joy Behar or Christine O'Donnell?


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