What Does Keanu Reeves Think About 'Sad Keanu' Meme?

I must be falling behind on my Internet pop culture, because I didn't even know about Sad Keanu until I read up on Cigar Guy. If you're out of the loop like me, Sad Keanu is a bizarre meme that started from a paparazzi photo of Keanu Reeves sitting on a bench looking somewhat morose. From there, people went totally Photoshop-crazy with the image, creating thousands upon thousands of oddball Sad Keanu graphics.

It's kind of hard to explain, really, so just take a look at a few for yourself.

Keanu sat down with NYMag's Vulture for an interview about his upcoming role in the indie comedy Henry's Crime, and the interviewer quizzed him about his newfound web fame. Here's how it went:


Vulture interviewer Logan Hill: You're taking over the Internet. Have you seen all the "Sad Keanu" stuff out there?

Reeves: My publicist showed me the photo, but no.

Hill: There's not one photo. […] There are millions, really. Google "Sad Keanu." You haven't?

Keanu: [Laughs.] No.

Hill: Seriously, though, this is one of the reasons I think one of the big appeals of you as an actor is that people are always straining to figure out what's on your mind, what you're thinking, why you're sad .... There's thousands of people doing this.

Reeves: Wow. So, what, now they're putting me next to other objects? […] Well, it sounds like harmless, good clean fun.

I have to say, of all the celebrities I can think of, Keanu's the one I actually believe when he says he hasn't seen any of the Internet stuff devoted to him. You know what I mean? I can't really picture him hunched over a computer googling his own name. I've never been a huge fan of his acting ability, but he seems like a pretty cool guy.

I think my favorite Sad Keanu is this one. What's yours?

Image via Clare & James/Flickr

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