Cigar Guy: Newest Internet Sensation

Cigar Guy watching Tiger WoodsA brave Daily Mail reporter was hit in the face by Tiger Woods' ball during the Ryder Cup this weekend. Seriously? He still takes a photo with a golf ball flying at his head? That's dedication. 

[Insert balls/white blob flying at head/porn star/RideHER Cup joke here.]

But what I (and millions of others) find to be the most intriguing part of the photo isn't the close-up of Tiger's ball (apparently we can see that in an upcoming porno, oooo!), it's the turban-wearing dude chillin on the right with a cigar and 'stache that would put Groucho Marx to shame. It's Cigar Guy!


cigar guy

Cigar Guy has quickly become the most popular guy on the Internet because, well, he just looks awesome. His head has been Photoshopped on folks such as Muhammad Ali and YouTube videos have been dedicated to him.

So who is Cigar Guy? So far, no one has come forward to claim their Internet fame. Which is probably for the best, it'd ruin the wide-eyed image we have of him -- like seeing Santa Claus shaved and wearing a tuxedo.

Have you seen Cigar Guy around on the Internet?


Image via MithrandirAgain/Flickr

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