I Like It on the Kitchen Counter & All My Facebook Friends Know It

i like it facebook statusMy friend just updated her Facebook status to read "I like it on the couch." My first thought was: "Slut." Then I saw that a lot of my friends were liking "it" -- and they were liking "it" everywhere: "on the kitchen floor," "on the desk," "in my closet." My second thought was: "Sluts! The lot of them."

But then a relative's status update came through my feed -- "I like it in the confessional." She's a nun.

The only S-word you can call a nun is Sister.

So what the heck is "it"?


"It" is "my purse."

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness, the lady folk are posting where they like to leave their purses when they come home, without using the word "purse." The idea is to unite around the cause in a secret way and leave all the men folk in the dark. (This is similar to the bra color Facebook status updates that went viral a few months ago.)

So everyone is liking "it" for a good cause.

Sorry for thinking y'all were a bunch of sluts, ladies (except for you, Sister). You know I love you. Kiss kiss.

Where do you like it?

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