'Dancing with the Stars' Recap: America Proves It Can't Vote

Margaret Cho Dancing with the StarsThe results show for Dancing with the Stars Episode 3 of Season 11 left me with one really big takeaway: where can I get a set of wrist tassel-y things that will flow when I break into a waltz?

Seriously, they are too cool. If only I had more opportunities to waltz, they would be mine!

OK, so you are not here to hear I really want to wear. We all want to know who went home. And so....

**Spoiler alert***

Margaret Cho was sent home, which was a massive disappointment, although her dance last night was not great. Generally, I thought she was on her way toward improvement.



The good news for her is that I suspect she has a lot of new fans and not just because of her clothing (though I did love her rainbow dress!) She was hilarious and spunky and interesting to watch.

I'll miss her next week, especially given that the Situation was asked to return (WHY? Dear God, Why?)

Bristol was "bumming hardcore" that her score was 19 and she was almost the one who had to leave. Lucky for her, the fans pulled through and she was safe.

What I don't get is why "fans" are keeping Situation and Brandy around. Brandy is fine, but a far worse dancer than I expected and she lends almost nothing to the competition. So, what's up America? Why are you not voting her out? Why am I not voting?

Maybe these questions can be answered next week.

In the meantime Michael Bolton proved he is bears no ill will to Bruno despite the producer's attempt to make it look like he did. His performance of "Hallelujah" along with a children's choir proved that he is far more talented with his voice, though the Rufus Wainwright version of the song is more my speed.

And that's all she wrote. So long Margaret. This show is hanging by a thread and better come up with something quick before viewers start defecting.

Until next week.

What did you think of Cho's departure?


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