Why Does Katherine Heigl Bug Me?

12,900,000. That's how many Google results you get if you type "Why is Katherine Heigl so annoying?" into the search box.

Well, good to know it's not just me.


I don't know if she bugs me because of the way she bitched and moaned about Grey's Anatomy—saying the writing was sub-par, withdrawing her name from the Emmy nominees because she wasn't "given the material to warrant a nomination," complaining about the long work days required on set—despite the show being the one and only reason anyone knew who Katherine Freaking Heigl was. Or maybe it was the way she described Knocked Up, the movie that helped her transition from television to the big screen, as "sexist." (Dear Katherine: did you read the script first, or ...?)

Maybe it's the annoying cover art for Life as We Know It, which depicts Heigl chasing a baby while her costar Josh Duhamel strolls by swilling a beer. So you don't approve of films that portray females as clichéd and uptight, thrust into an opposites-attract relationship with someone who doesn't respect women? Hey, how about not taking those roles, then? Oh wait, that would mean giving up the fat-ass paycheck that comes with these corny rom-coms.

Maybe it's the media's obsession with her hair. OMG SHE'S BLONDE AGAIN STOP THE PRESSES.

Honestly, I'm not really sure why I find her so irritating, especially when other outspoken actors don't bother me one bit. Do I secretly think she should adhere to some dumb ingenue image and just shut up and look pretty? I don't think so, but maybe if she actually started playing different roles, I'd take her a bit more seriously.

What about you? Are you a fan of The Heigl?

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