Charlyne Yi vs. TMZ

Charlyne Yi, who you may know as the sweet-faced stoner in Knocked Up (she's also a comedian, filmmaker, musician, writer, and painter), is involved with Oxfam, an organization working to raise awareness about poverty and hunger around the world.

Yi reluctantly decided to allow TMZ to film her working to raise money, in the hopes that the TMZ viewership would ultimately help the cause. Instead, TMZ managed to turn one young woman's goodhearted charity work into a joke, even going so far as to make Yi look as though she was going to spend a $5 donation on cigarettes.

Here's her video response to the TMZ segment:




I've never been a fan of TMZ -- I mean, its business hinges on paying aggressive camera-people to harass celebrities -- but this isn't just obnoxious, it's irresponsible. Why stoop so low as to take a dig at an actress with a worthy cause, TMZ? Come on, surely Paris Hilton's vagina is flapping in the breeze somewhere.

As for Charlyne's response: Rock on, girl. I think you win this round.

Image via YouTube

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