Top Celebrity Nearly-Naked Tweets

Well, the cleaned-up act didn't last long. Courtney Love is back to her same old tricks, posting a completely random (NSFW) photo to her Twitter account this week that features her sprawled on a chair with nothing between her and the camera but an unpleasant-looking pair of undies. I can't quite picture what was going through her mind when she tweeted this, except maybe what's always going through Courtney Love's mind: chemical substances, and lots of them.

You'd think with all the paparazzi action stars have to endure, they wouldn't be so willing to post their own cheesecake shots to the Internet. But oh ho ho, you'd be WRONG. Check out these top TMI celebrity Twitter images:


Katy Perry Naked in the Tub ... With a Pizza
I'm sure the combination of objects in this photo works for a very specific fetish, but I'm just grossed out. Maybe it's the clear bathwater. Maybe it's the way she sort of looks dead. Maybe it's the PIZZA.


Kim Kardashian's Boobs
I like how this image says, please stop talking about my ass long enough to notice that I also have very round, glistening breasts.

Adrianne Curry and Her Little Blue Friend
Speaking of fetishes, holy Star Wars boners. Can there possibly be any reason for posting this other than to provide masturbatory content for thousands of nerds?

Demi Moore's "Unsuspecting" Ass
Before Demi posted her bikini photos and got Lisa Rinna in on the "Acknowledge My Over-40-Hotness or DIE" action, Ashton Kutcher snapped a photo of his wife's underwear-clad butt and shared it with the world.


Lenny Kravitz and His Booty
I for one approve of this image and would like to formally request that more handsome male celebrities choose to showcase their rear ends via Twitter. Joel McHale, I'm talking to you.

Why do you think some celebrities tweet these kinds of pictures? Are they just looking for even more attention?

Image via Twitter

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