'Mad Men' Recap: Who Will Be the Next Mrs. Draper?

mad men don draper wifeThey say that death inspires crazy sex amongst those left behind, as does the "end of the world." We got plenty of it tonight on Mad Men, or rather, most everyone did. Except Roger Sterling, the guy who screwed the pooch ... and no one else.

But first can we just say a "thank you" to Jones Beach, where lots of drunk and sweaty people meet their soul mate? Peggy is no exception. She gets in her lesbian friend's car, and who has to scootch in beside her, so close she has to sit in his lap? Our favorite Boho dude who can rock the short-shorts. Peggy's got a new boyfriend, and I approve.

As do the other menfolk at Sterling, Cooper, Draper & Pryce who can apparently smell the sex on Peg and want to get in on that action.

But first, the death.


Word gets out thanks to Ken Cosgrove being at the right dinner spot at the right time that Lucky Strike has left SCD & P and the imminent demise of the firm sucks all the oxygen out of the rest of the episode.

In a nutshell, thanks to Lucky Strike:

  • Pete misses the birth of his baby (it's a girl, Trudy and baby are fine).
  • Roger has to fake getting on a plane to Raleigh-Durham to kiss Lee Garner Jr.'s (fake) ass.
  • Don throws his Clio in the trash and tries to make Dr. Faye act unethically to bring him more clients. Dr. Faye is not having it and tells Don where to get off. Go Faye!
  • Stanley sexually harasses Peggy, then tries to sabotage her when she won't accept his advances.
  • Joan tells Roger she is closed for business. Rejection is not at all attractive on Sterling. Not. At. All.
  • The gang all heads to a funeral to try and snatch clients away from the firm of the recently dead partner. Stay classy, SCD & P!

Of course Don did learn something at the funeral -- the ad man in the coffin was devoted to his wife. Ding! Maybe a good woman is just what he needs. Like that co-dependent sex pot from Montreal, who is ready and willing to do Don's bidding. Yes! Megan scores, and Don heads home to find Faye on his doorstep. Oopsie! It's like Three's Company all over again. Who's getting a second date with Don? The secretary willing to please at all costs? Or Dr. Faye who forces Don to examine himself, yet ultimately was willing to please at all costs?

Oh hey -- Roger's autobiography is out -- Sterling's Gold. Pick it up at your local bookstore yesterday.

Which lady will win Don's heart?


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