Hot Old Celebrities: Your Teenage Crush Today

john stamosLet's be honest, the celebrities that made us squeal with teenage lust are getting old. For some (ahem, looking at you, Meg Ryan) it's a sad, fantasy-killing situation. But others are still as smokin' as the day is long.

Thank god, so we can all keep thinking that if we're the same age as that hottie, then we're doing okay.

Let's take a look at how some of our crushes back in the day are doing in 2010.

Prepare to drool.



john stamosJohn Stamos

From Full House to Glee's Love Dentist, Stamos can still make us swoon. Let's see if the next generation of fans have as much love for Jesse and Blackie as we all did.

julia roberts



Julia Roberts

Even as a 40-something divorcee in Eat Pray Love, Roberts' girlish looks made it hard to buy her as a woman struggling to find meaning. Roberts' Pretty Woman days may be behind her, but she won't be playing harrowed middle-aged for at least another two decades.





johnny deppJohnny Depp

The dirtier this guy gets, the hotter he becomes. Of course living in France while cherry picking his lead roles, one of which will be The Tourist with Angelina Jolie, also increases the allure of the sexiest pirate/undercover high school detective of all time.

demi mooreDemi Moore

Keeping up with her young hot husband (and the women that allegedly turn his head) means Demi Moore has to stay sexy and relevant. Luckily, it seems to come easy for the 47-year-old mother of three who's still got the Ghost-era vibe and tweets it for all to enjoy.

tom cruise hotTom Cruise

Crazy aside, Cruise has still got the bod, the looks, and the hair. This summer's Knight and Day also shows he can bring the sexy back. Yes, it's probably because he drinks Katie Holmes' blood, but we all have our beauty secrets.

brooke shields


Brooke Shields

Any lady who can still fit into her teenager jeans at age 45 has my vote for hottest mom EVER. Yoga and clean living keep Brooke young and super fly.




matt dillon



Matt Dillon

We'll forgive Matt Dillon's revolting turn in Something About Mary, since this Drugstore Cowboy actor can still make you drop your panties with the arch of one eyebrow.




kim basingerKim Basinger

Nine 1/2 Weeks put Basinger in the spank bank of anyone who had a pulse. This summer Basinger made a brief comeback in Charlie St. Cloud, which was not enough. Even as the 56-year-old played Zac Efron's mom, she was stunningly beautiful.






Images (top to bottom): Amazon, the rest via Splash News

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