'Jersey Shore' Recap: Who Went Back to Jersey?

jersey shore angelina leavesLet's face it. Sh** has been messed up in the Miami Jersey Shore house for some time now. There is tension between Sammi and Ronnie. Sammi and JWoww, Sammi and Snooki, Sammi and Angelina, Angelina and ... well, all of those Macaroni Rascals.

Of course Mike always pushes the buttons and this week is no different as he tries to take down Angelina. No victim, Angelina gets the guys going like a house o' hens, as Pauly D, Vinny, and The Situation dish over her trampy ways. The idea is floated that perhaps Angelina should leave the house.



JWoww, of all creatures, tries to girl down with Angelina and they talk about how they both punched The Situation in the face and how she should stay in the house.

If JWoww talked me down, I'd be willing to stay. Angelina, however, has a history of ditching out, so even though there are many more (too many) discussions about whether or not Angelina is going to stay -- we all know what's going to happen at the end of the day.

What we didn't know was the epic way Angelina was going to exit.

After Angelina sends her friend home with what looks to be a damaging sunburn, Angelina fights again with Mike. But she makes it clear that she's willing to kick anyone's ass in the house, not just a boy who she's already had sex with and knows won't hit back.

Again -- foreshadowing!

Snooki is back from the hospital and decides it's time to head to the Ed Hardy store to find a boyfriend. Unfortunately Snooks took a detour at the club and picks up some guy Angelina had tagged. Of course if Angelina had simply left for the airport before they all got back from the club, gorilla in tow, Angelina would have left the house in peace. (Incidentally, Angelina leaving -- it's no hair off Ronnie's back.)


Angelina takes the opportunity to get pissed off again, because Snooki is so clearly trying to diss her by bringing home the juicehead. Angelina insults everyone, because she doesn't like "any of yous!" Which brings up the wrastler in Snooki. Snooks attacks and the girl beating is on. Ronnie's right, Snooki does have T-Rex arms.

After two rounds of girl-on-girl, Angelina realizes she should take her luggage and go. Which, thank god. There are only two other people who have story lines more tired than Angelina's "outcast" leitmotif. But until they decide to go home, can we just try to kick out one more old house standby: the sunglasses at night.

Do you think Angelina should have stayed or gone?


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