Actress Romina Yan, 36, Dies Suddenly; A Nightmare for All Mothers

Romina YanActress Romina Yan, Argentinian host of Playhouse Disney and star of the television series Chiquititas, died Tuesday afternoon of an apparent heart attack due to a brain aneurysm.

She leaves behind her husband, Darío Giordano, and three children: Franco (born 2001), Valentín (born 2003), and Azul (born 2006).

While hers may not be a household name in America, her sudden death at 36 is a universal nightmare for mothers everywhere.


Hers is one of those stories that makes us all hug our babies tighter at night, makes us want to just slow down the fast pace of life and absorb all the wonder of our children. Because just like Yan, it could all be taken from us any day ... just like that. 

I've had a couple of friends lose children lately, and as a mother, I can think of no greater pain than to lose a child, to never see all their hopes and dreams realized ... except perhaps to leave them with no mother.

It's a struggle to not get bogged down in the unfairness of it all, and be brought so far down by the tragedies that you can't enjoy the beauty in each day.

But one can only hope to honor Yan and others like her who have gone way too soon by making the best of each day with our families, to not let all the little things like tantrums and toilet training, nap struggles, and other nonsense overwhelm and absorb us, but rather to embrace them as part of the incredible journey and privilege that is parenthood ... as painful as it can be.

Condolences to the family.

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