'Dancing With the Stars' Results Show Recap: Let's All Do the Sad Hound Dog

There was no joy tonight on the results show for the second episode of Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars. It was rather depressing all around.

**Spoilers ahead***

It was painfully obvious from last night that Michael Bolton was headed home after Bruno told him it was the worst jive he had ever seen.

And despite the producers' attempt to make the hour-long results show seem suspenseful, it really wasn't. What was obvious was that everyone was still smarting from Bruno's insult.

Bolton said it best himself.


He called Bruno's remark "disrespectful" and the look on his face kinda took the humor wind out of everyone's sails.

The mood in the studio was down, down, down. There was no ridiculously talented Pussycat Doll dancing with Derek Hough to keep us all entertained. Instead we got a lot of uncomfortable silences, people we have not really heard of, and Bolton looking sadder than the hound dog he was supposed to play during last night's episode.

I am not sure when it became acceptable for judges to be so mean. Maybe Bruno isn't a fan of adult contemporary music and long blond ponytails? Maybe he has a thing for Nicollette Sheridan (Bolton's on again, off again woman) but truly it was mean and disrespectful. The guy is clearly more talented in singing than dancing. Perhaps he could have said that instead?

Instead Bruno kicked a dog when he was down, made him look close to tears, and then gave him a 3 -- a score paddle many didn't even know existed.

Personally, I'd like to see a shock collar on Bruno for the next episode. Heel, boy. Bolton is going to be in therapy for years now.

Bad dog!

What did you think of the decision?


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