New Lil Wayne Album: A Birthday Present For All

And for my birthday this year, I want to have my cake and eat it too. 

Is that what rap superstar Lil Wayne was thinking today?

Well it sure seems like it with the leak of his newest album, I am Not A Human Being.

 "I want to give a gift on my birthday to my loyal fans who have continued to support me," Wayne said in a statement.


It may be a tad early for a full review of Lil Wayne's new tracks considering that it's not technically due out until October 12. The physical album will have a total of 12 tracks, two more than the digital release. But fans everywhere are raving about the jailed rapper's newest venture.

In March, Lil Wayne (Dwayne Carter) began serving time for a 2007 felony fun conviction following the discovery of a semi-automatic pistol on his tour bus. And with 39 days left until his release from behind the bars at Rikers Island prison, it looks like he'll be out just in time (release date is set for early November) to give the fans exactly what they want: a live performance.

The leaked releases from I Am Not A Human Being have given him a good jump start. Kicking off the record with "Gonorrhea," (keeping it classy, clearly) Wayne sounds the alarm with the help of explosive new artist Drake. Followed up by tracks collaborating with Nicki Minaj and Jay Sean, Lil Wayne does more than just drop line after line of insane rhymes and unreal wordplay.

But don't expect song after song of jailhouse ranting and frustrated lyrics. Expect the same ‘old Wayne you know and love from his previous ventures like Rebirth and The Carter III.

The question remains: Are the fans raving because it's good, or because he's finally back?

Are you interested in the new Lil Wayne album?

Image via BTDSGNS/Flickr

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