Ashton Kutcher Mistress Has a Sex Tape!

Splash NewsDo you have an urge to be famous for 15 minutes? Take a cue from Brittney Jones who, up until two weeks ago, was just your average 21-year-old. You can make the front page of a gossip mag and have hundreds of blogs write about you, just say that you slept with a famous celebrity who's married. Oh, and maybe have a sex tape "leaked."


Unfortunately for us who are way too nosy for our own good, the sex tape isn't starring Ashton. Whomp whomp. It was submitted by an ex-boyfriend of Brittney's who's trying to cash in on her hard-earned fame. He sent RadarOnline a steamy video clip of them having sex two years ago, though I'm not sure why that has any relevance whatsoever. Maybe so we can edit Ashton's face onto the dude's body to get a visual for the cheating rumors? And there are your photos, TMZ.

According to a "close friend" of Brittney's, Jones has been "couch surfing" from house to house, living and seemingly leaching off the various men in her life. Damn, girl scored top points with Ashton then.

But surely the cheating rumors are not true because Demi is posting cute photos on her Twitter of her and her not-cheating hubby snuggling under the covers on their fifth wedding anniversary (what now, Britt?!). 

What do you think of the cheating rumors? Think there's any truth behind it or just some girl trying to get her 15 minutes?


Image via Splash News


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