'Mad Men' Recap: Guess Who's Knocked Up?

mad men pregnancyWith all the lady business happening at Mad Men lately, eventually someone was going to wind up pregnant. Is it Dr. Faye? Betty? Oh, god don't let it be Sally!

Sally does get what every young girl dreams of: Tickets to The Beatles with a Don Draper escort. However, she is still ahead of her really messed up years that will only be solved by a ton of therapy followed by medication.

That is, if Don isn't in prison since the Department of Defense is investigating everyone at Sterling, Cooper, Draper & Pryce as Pete Campbell attempts to seal the deal with North American Aviation. Holy sh** storm as the feds grill Betty on Don's identity, Betty tips off Don, and Don goes full panic attack.

But who's pregnant?


Even though everyone's getting some action judging by Dr. Faye's "come to rescue" response to Don's freak-out, Trudy's fabulously decked out pregnant belly, and Lane Pryce's new girlfriend, an African American lady who works at the Playboy Club -- yes, he calls her his "chocolate bunny" -- only one is spreading his seed.

Joan is pregnant. Again. With Roger's baby. Again.

Secrets are the name of the game, but Roger, who is used to winning, simply takes Joan to his doctor. How much do we love the shaming the doc gives Mr. Sterling for knocking up poor Joanie? In the end the doctor clues them in to an abortion doctor in Morristown, New Jersey. But over coffee and cigarettes we get that Joan just might be keeping this baby.

Either way, Roger is screwed as the Lucky Strikes scumbag is back and decides to dump Roger, thus ruining SCDP. Roger begs for 30 days, then reaches for his nitro as his heart surely cannot take anymore drama today.

However, Roger's got more to take as Don convinces Pete to drop North American Aviation, in order to save his lying ass, and to take one for the team. Campbell drops the bomb at the perfect moment as Roger is reeling -- what with the abortion and the Lucky Strikes. Then Lane announces he's going back to London, after his father beats his ass for dating a black girl. So Roger's gonna blow.

What Roger really needs is Megan, Don's secretary, who solves all of Don's problems and is happy to do it.

Do you think Joan really had an abortion?


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