Katy Perry Rocks SNL; Can We Please Move on From Her Boobs Now?

Don't be surprised if you start seeing women young and old sporting cut-up Elmo t-shirts soon, because the furry red guy has never looked as good as he did stretched across Katy Perry's chest on Saturday Night Live last night.

She took on the whole controversy over her Elmo skit that was censored from Sesame Street after parents complained she revealed too much cleavage. If you missed it, check it out here:

Who knew how funny Katy Perry could be? And you're tempted to Google Elmo t-shirts, aren't you?


Katy PerryPerry's breasts are lovely, truly they are, and she certainly loves to show them off.

We've now seen them spew frosting from her cupcake bra in her "California Gurls" video and encased in plaster to be auctioned off for charity.

We've seen them squished into dresses and almost falling out of pretty much anything she wears.

But now that we've discussed and analyzed Katy Perry's boobs beyond ad nauseam, can we please move on?

She's a singer; they're just boobs -- about 50 percent of the population has them. And while hers are nice, they're not that remarkable really. They have just been marketed really well.

I'm not knocking her, or her knockers, because clearly they're working for her. In fact the whole Elmo fiasco has led to her appearance with another cast of fictional characters -- The Simpsons. According to Entertainment Weekly she'll appear in a December 5 special as her herself along with puppets of The Simpsons characters.

Lord knows what she'll wear then to bring the attention back to her boobs just in time for the holidays ... if the attention has ever even left them.

So good for her, but I'm a little bored with her bust. So if we can we just  move on or go back to discussing Kim Kardashian's ass or something, that would be great.

Are you sick of hearing about Katy Perry's boobs?

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