Marlo Thomas Dishing Advice to Demi Moore, You and Me

Marlo ThomasMarlo Thomas has a lot to say these days. She has a new memoir out, Growing Up Laughing, and just last week launched a website with AOL --

Though the site bears her name, the tagline says, "It's about us ... you and me."

Through a series of videos, articles and two-way conversations, Thomas covers everything from fitness, to sex to a laugh of the day (which today is a scene from When Harry Met Sally).  It's clearly targeted at an older audience and is void of any snark or sass. 

When it comes to dishing advice Thomas isn't shy about drawing on her own personal experiences, including her 30-year marriage to Phil Donahue. She recently offered support to her LOL co-star, Demi Moore, whose marriage to Ashton Kutcher has been the subject of many rumors lately.



"I don't ever believe anything," she recently told BlogTalkRadio. " I can't tell you how many divorce rumours there have been about my marriage. When I was married a year all these stories were in the tabloids about how Phil and I were getting a divorce and how we'd seen lawyers.

"So they'll (Moore and Kutcher) have to have this garbage about them and it'll pass. Nobody believes that anybody is happy. I don't know why but there's some kind of delight in thinking that nobody's happy."

Interesting, though sometimes I think it may be the opposite -- that people worry everyone is happy except them so they want other people to be miserable.

Regardless of why, hopefully Thomas is right and all the rumors about Ashton's infidelity are untrue. It would be great if they prove them all wrong and follow in the footsteps of Thomas and Donahue and their long marriage.

As for her website, Thomas certainly has accomplished a lot in her career and has plenty of  life experience to draw from to help others. Hopefully she can be "that girl" to get more women talking and learning from each other. Every bit helps.

Would you turn to Marlo Thomas for advice?


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