Crystal Bowersox Engaged to Brian Walker: What a Rebound!

Crystal BowersoxIt's was just about four months ago we saw a tearful Crystal Bowersox announce she had just broken up with her boyfriend, Tony, the night before the American Idol finale. Now, she's engaged to fellow musician Brian Walker.

Talk about a rapid rebound!

Good for her, and hopefully this will be the real deal for the single mother with the soulful voice who was pretty much robbed (in my opinion) of the American Idol title.

At the time she blamed her breakup with Tony on "bad timing" and called him a "small town guy". The speculation was that he couldn't handle her fame and all the changes it brought about for the couple.

Here's what we know about Brian Walker, and why their relationship will hopefully last:


He's a musician, and apparently a good one. While there's not a whole lot of information out there about Walker, here's a video of Bowersox and a Brian Walker singing together in Chicago:

If that's indeed her new fiance, which I can't imagine it would be just any other Brian Walker, they make beautiful music together.

According to, he's one of her biggest musical inspirations.

He's originally from Philadelphia, but has been playing the Chicago music scene for the past couple of years. According to his website, he has an album due out this coming spring.

Reports say the couple may be married as soon as next month, which is pretty quick. And of course, such haste to the alter sparks speculation that she may be pregnant, and that her 18-month-old son Tony may be getting a little brother or sister.

Regardless, it's great to see Bowersox happy and back in love. Congratulations to the couple!

Do you think getting engaged and married just months after a breakup is too soon?


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