Lindsay Lohan Heads Back to Jail -- Home Sweet Home

Lindsay LohanI actually wrote this post back in July, when Lindsay Lohan went to jail the first time -- I had a feeling it wouldn't be a one-time deal.

I've got three more stories lined up, so be on the lookout.

But in all seriousness, yes, what's becoming not-so-much-news-as-it-is-an-expected-norm, Lindsay is heading back to jail because she failed a drug test, therefore breaking her probation.


Dina LohanAt least she looks a helluva lot better than she did during the last court hearing -- I guess cocaine does wonders for a person. No photos of her crying, clinging on to her lawyer as lawlady looks at her with a "Shut it, Lohan!" look on her face. And she's getting much better with the mugshot taking! (Though she really should have picked better lipstick -- pink with orange? Come on, honey.)

I'm loving Mom of the Year Dina's look as she's carrying out the Louboutins -- priceless. I mean really, did she not see this coming? Man, she is soooo pissed! It's the ultimate death stare. Some paparazzi guy in front of her just got turned to stone, "Dude, don't look directly into her eyes."

LiLo will be the little jailbird-that-couldn't until her hearing on October 22, and "has no chance of getting out early this time." Oooh, just in time for Halloween, so many costume ideas running through my head right now.

What do you think of LiLo heading back to the slammer? Surprised at all?


Images via Splash News

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