10 Sexiest Celebrity Siblings

kardashian sistersFor many celebrities in Tinseltown, the entertainment business is a family affair. Stars like the Kardashian sisters and the Jonas Brothers share both talent and a bloodline. In fact, their sibling bonds and rivalries are part of what makes them so interesting to us in the first place.

These sexy siblings are living proof that good looks and star power are most certainly genetic. The only question now is, which of the siblings is the best-looking?


Kim (29), Kourtney (31), and Khloe Kardashian (24) are famous for their sisterly bond. But that doesn't stop them from getting into the occasional cat-fight -- particularly when Scott Disick is around.







Kevin (22), Joe (21), and Nick Jonas (17) are another celebrity threesome who owe their fame and fortune to the fact that they are related.

jonas brothers


Maggie (33) and Jake Gyllenhaal (30) both have looks and talent -- can you ask for anything more?

maggie and jake gyllenhaal


Everybody knows Owen (42) and Luke Wilson (39) are related. But what may come as a surprise is that there is a third brother, Andrew Wilson (46), who's a good-looking actor as well.

owen luke andrew wilson


Sexy Serena (29) and Venus Williams (30) may be each other's fiercest competition, but they're close friends off the court.

venus and serena williams


Prince Harry (26) and Prince William (28) are famous the world over for their good looks and "brotherly banter."



Ashlee (26) and Jessica Simpson (30) are so close, they've even been known to stick up for each other in the press.

ashlee and jessica simpson


Hot punk rockers Joel and Benji Madden (31) are twin brothers and Good Charlotte band mates.

joel and benji madden


According to reports, adorable Haylie (25) and Hilary Duff (23) are best friends and often collaborate together on projects.

haylie and hilary duff


Mark (39) and Donnie Wahlberg (41)'s brotherly bond allegedly inspired the hit show Entourage.

wahlberg brothers

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