'Jersey Shore' Recap: 7 of the Most Disgusting Things You've Ever Seen on TV

jersey shore disgustingIt was date night in the Jersey Shore house. Which means I had to make up a batch of Ron-Ron Juice in order to stomach this whole evening.

Let's start with the free love-having roommates. Even though the night before Angelina and Vinny hooked up, they both have dates with other lucky people tonight. Yeah, that sounds sanitary.

Sadly, Vinny's date stands him up but Angelina is bringing it as she takes out Jose "Fossil Watch" for his birthday. For some bizarro reason Angelina brings Ron and Sam along for the uncomfortable ride. I had no idea that watching guidos fine dining could be so jarring. Also shocking, Ronnie and Sammi sitting in judgment of Angelina and Jose.

But there were so many more truly revolting things to witness tonight, when it seems the Jersey gang pulled out all of the stops to make me throw up in my mouth a little. Let's talk about these seven:


1. JWoww's boyfriend Tom comes to visit and instantly gets pissed. Make-up sex? NO. Make-up mutual nose picking.

2. Almost as disgusting, Angelina's friend Gina comes to visit bearing gifts of dresses from Forever 21 from Angelina's mom.

3. A frank discussion between Snooki & JWoww about vagina injuries.

4. The Situation decides it's a great idea to have sex in a bathroom at a Miami club.

5.  JWoww and Tom have sex while Snooks is in the room, so naturally Snooki tries to get up in it -- but not in a sexy way. In a, "wouldn't it be funny if I grabbed you?" way. Which leads to Snooki running away and straight into Vinny's bed.

6. The Situation cleans up since his girl is coming to the house, and in addition to the putrid-looking garbage strewn around the Miami crib, someone left a used pad on the bathroom floor.

7. So Mike puts it under Angelina's pillow.

I'm really sorry to do that to you, but you should know how these zoo animals live.

What's the most disgusting thing you've ever seen on Jersey Shore?


Image via MTV

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